Glovers Alley – Dublin, Ireland

On our day in Dublin, my hubby found a restaurant that was fabulous. It was upstairs in the Fitzwilliam Hotel at 128 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin. We had been walking around Dublin and had made it about 4.5 miles at the time we stopped, so we were ready for some good food and al little time to rest our feet. Our experience with Irish food was that most of the traditional Irish food was kind of bland and not impressive…food snob, maybe. Glovers Alley serves French cuisine, but we needed a change of pace from what we had been eating all week.

When we arrived at Glovers Alley, we were asked for our reservation…well we didn’t make one because we had been flying by the seat of our pants all day exploring…not too many plans in place, just tons of places to see and photograph. But the gentleman kindly said he would get a table set up for us.

They placed our coats and shopping bags into the coat closet and showed us to the restroom. This will be a little weird…but yes I am going to comment on the restroom. Most establishments in Ireland had single square toilet paper dispensers with rough toilet paper…but Glovers Alley even had classy, plush toilet paper. I know, I warned you weird, but this attention to detail everywhere wins me over every time.

So as soon as I stepped out of the restroom, the gentleman that greeted us, whisked me away to our table. He pulled out my chair and pushed it in as I sat down. Then he went back to the restroom to meet my husband and show him to our table.

We were brought the menus and wine list. We were asked about food allergies to ensure we weren’t exposed to any allergen.

There was also a tasting menu, that I did not photograph. I ordered off the lunch menu and my husband ordered off the dinner menu.

Very soon after our wine was served, they started bringing out items chosen by the chef. With each item, they explained what each was. Now I feel like I should have taken notes, as I don’t remember what everything was. I did however photograph all but one of the chefs choices we were served.

We were also offered 4 different types of fresh breads. I was very fond of the mini French baguette.

My husband indulged with an appetizer of Scallop Ceviche and the Mountain Lamb for his main dish. (I didn’t photograph his because he hates when I make him wait to eat by taking photographs…so you will just have to believe me, it was beautiful and according to him worth every quid in the taste arena.

I had pork cheeks, carrots, olives and verjus for my lunch course. The pork was perfectly paired and melted in my mouth.

After our main dish, they brought out an icy grapefruit tasting that seemed to cleanse our palates and get ready for the full experience of dessert.

For dessert I chose the Mont Blanc and oh my it was so delicious.

My husband got the citrus soufflé and once again no photo, because he was ready to dig in.

After dessert, they brought out even more for us to taste

After every new glass of wine, or plate served, or crumb dropped, they were there to clean the table. We had about 5 different people “serving” our table at all times.

I am telling you, not a single detail was left unnoticed. The food was delectable and service was top notch.

If you are ever in Dublin, you need to check it out.



Globus Tours – Southern Ireland – Day 6


Day 6 November 29


Most people from our tour flew out this morning, but we chose to extend one day and see more of Dublin. We woke up leisurely and then started exploring the city of Dublin. We started at Trinity College and the Long Room.

Then we walked to Dublin castle, where they were decorating the grounds for Christmas.

We wandered over to the Guinness Storehouse…took all of these photos on the way. I cannot remember all the places…I should have taken notes or photographed a reference of placards.

Here are some photos from in the Guinness Storehouse. When we got there, we headed upstairs for our Guinness and the panoramic views of the city. This was a tip that I had gotten, so the Sky Bar wouldn’t be as full. Sky bar was still full, but not elbow to elbow like it normally is in the afternoon. I took these photos as we toured the storehouse backwards. From sky bar down to the gift shop.

After the Guinness storehouse, we headed to lunch. Lunch was phenomenal. There was no detail left out. They require reservations, but still sat us and gave us better service than I’ve ever had before. They take your coats and packages and then they will show you to the restrooms (if needed). They will escort you to the table, making sure you were seated in your chair. We had a supreme dining experience at Glovers Alley.

I had pork cheeks, carrots, olives and verjus for my lunch course. The pork was perfectly paired and melted in my mouth.

For dessert, I had the Mont Blanc. It was so rich and delicious.We also had chefs tastings before our appetizer, meal, dessert and after dessert as well as fresh baked bread. The wine selection was nice too. I had Santos de Casa Reserva Alvarhino 2016. All the flavors were delicately balanced. We had multiple servers that were ensuring everything was perfect.

After lunch, we headed down Grafton Street to Anne’s lane.

Grafton Street was decorated for Christmas…but it was still a little light when we were there, so didn’t get to fully enjoy the lights.

Believe it or not, Ireland doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving…but they sure do capitalize on Black Friday. There were people shopping as fast as you could see.

These umbrellas are on Anne’s Lane near Grafton Street at Zozimus.

After Anne’s Lane, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a little while. Once we had rested for an hour or so, we headed to O’Connell Street for more shopping and Christmas decorations.

The spire. It had absolutely no purpose, but is a highly photographed location in Dublin. It was dark, but I got at least the bottom part of it.

We learned the hard way that if you want great food, especially on a Friday night and Black Friday at that you need reservations. We went to 3 restaurants and all were booked full for the night, so we settled with O’Connells pub. Service was slow, but I had the Cottage Pie. The flavor of the Cottage Pie was nice. After dinner we strolled along the Liffey River to photograph a few bridges.

We arrived back at our hotel, showered and packed our suitcases for our early flight out. Our airport transfer will be picking us up at 5 a.m. to head to Dublin airport for our flight at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.



Globus Tours – Thanksgiving in Southern Ireland Day 5

We have spent Thanksgiving in quite a few locations, but Ireland, how fantastic is that?  This has been a trip of a lifetime and we still have a few more days left.

This morning we left Kinsale, a historic port and fishing town in County Cork, Ireland. There was an amazing sunrise there I caught right after breakfast.

We left Kinsale at 8:30 and headed to Kilkenny.  Kilkenny is one of Ireland’s prettiest towns with cobblestone streets and old-world charm.  While in Kilkenny, we were able to explore on our own.  We visited Kilkenny Castle. We explored the streets and had lunch at Petronella…it was definitely a So Sarah type of eatery.

After we explored Kilkenny, we headed to Dublin where we had an orientation drive around the city to see the main sites, such as Trinity College, O’Connell Street and Grafton Street.

Once we arrived at the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn, Dublin), we went to check out the Samuel Beckett bridge.

Then we prepared for dinner and great fun (craic) at Taylor’s Three Rock for the Taylor’s Irish Night show.

What to expect at Taylor’s Irish Night

You will be served a delicious three course meal complete with Irish whiskey, wine/beer/soda and Irish coffee. You will then be entertained by Irish dancers and musicians. 

You do not have sufficient freedom levels to view this video. Support free software and upgrade.

Be prepared for full participation! We were in the very front and hubby had to get up to dance with the dancers and then, oh then, we had a dancer dancing on our table. They call for quite a few volunteers and pick people out of the crowd too…so if you’re shy and want to sit back…you might want to position yourself towards the back of the room.

You do not have sufficient freedom levels to view this video. Support free software and upgrade.

Keep in mind, we booked our vacation through Globus Tours and they booked all our tours and excursions…the link above is just for information if you are traveling on your own and would like to check it out.

Hopefully I will get the entire trip up on the blog soon!

Happy Thanksgiving



Globus Tours – Southern Ireland – Day 1&2


We decided to use Globus Tours for our trip to Ireland. Honestly, if I wouldn’t have found the deal to Ireland, we probably would have never thought to go to Ireland during Thanksgiving time.  With it being our first trip to Ireland, Globus was really night one stop shop. They arranged all flights, airport transfers, accommodations, touring, driving, extra excursions and about half of our food for the trip. It was extremely reasonable in price and the deal could not be passed up. This left us relaxed and with no stress before the trip.  Well OK, if you know me, you know there was some stress…before the trip.  I also just got back from a trip from Oklahoma city on Friday 22 November and then headed out Saturday 23 November to go to Ireland.  My biggest fear was that I was going to forget to pack something.  I had my Ireland suitcase packed before I left for Oklahoma City, so as soon as I got home, I could move a pair of shoes and my makeup bag and I would be good to go.  I didn’t want to be cold or wet, so I had to make sure I had plenty of layers and wet weather gear.  All the while wondering what earrings to wear, I know, earrings??  Well I don’t like not feeling somewhat put together, and well earrings and mascara help me feel that way.  

This was our first trip without any of the kids, so it was a very different vacation of sorts, but amazing. Don’t let them feel sorry for them though, as we have another vacation planned for December right before Christmas.


Our flight out of Atlanta was delayed by a little over an hour. We did get upgraded to first class though, so that was nice.


When we got to Toronto, we decided to have a snack and some wine. We ran to the restroom near our gate and they were on last call…so we almost missed that one just because we were not paying attention to the time. When we left Toronto we headed to London Heathrow, they had to power down the plane, which delayed us leaving Toronto as well…leaving us just 52 minutes from touchdown to take off in London. Needless to say we missed our connecting flight from London to Shannon.


Photo while heading into London. The clouds were so thick and low.Christmas tree in Heathrow airport.


They rebooked us on a later flight at 3:20 pm so we had 5 hours to burn in Heathrow. Thought about taking Uber somewhere but security was so slow, and we didn’t want to risk it. We did find some cozy reclining chairs (even have charging stations) after breakfast and window shopping near Gates B31-B49.



We were supposed to arrive in Shannon at 11:30 a.m., but instead arrived at around 5 p.m. We had our bags and went through customs in about 10 minutes. We met our Globus representative and had to wait for everyone else from this flight and we were headed to the hotel….finally!!

Day 1 November 24

We arrived at Clayton Hotel, Limerick at about 5:45 p.m. and dinner was scheduled for 6:30 p.m. with our tour group.  I had the house white wine, bruschetta, chicken with Demi glacé and potatoes and vegetables.  We had a sampling of 4 different desserts and Irish coffee after dinner (hubby drank both of ours…cause I don’t do coffee with whiskey or without .

After dinner headed for a short walk and to get some water from the circle K (yes there was a circle K in limerick)

Here are some photos from around town…it was dark and we were on our own, so I’m am not too sure of what everything was, but will check out more on our tour no tomorrow.

Hotel Clayton, Limerick…right on the Shannon River.

Day 2 November 25

Limerick and West Coast Excursion

We drove around Limerick in the morning on our way out to the West Coast excursion along the Atlantic. We stopped to photograph King Johns Castle and some bridges on the Shannon River.

King John’s Castle

Bridge over the Shannon River in Limerick

As we traveled the Atlantic Coastline, we drove through some quaint towns and beautiful countryside. Then we stopped to visit the Dunguaire Castle and the bay.

Thatched roof houses across from Dunguaire Castle

We stopped at the Cliffs of Moher – 668 ft cliffs on Clare Coast, sadly it was very cloudy and the cliffs were in the clouds. There were quite photogenic birds there though. The cliffs proved how important it was to have waterproof shoes…was very glad my feet stayed dry.

As we traveled to Galway, here are some photos of countryside that we passed though.

We arrived in Galway, a seaside destination and were quite hungry for lunch. We ate fish and chips and checked out a few shops and a Christmas market. It was raining the majority of the time there, so we tried to hop in and out of shops and pubs…to stay dry. Another fond moment with my rain jacket, rain boots and umbrella. Three very important items to have in Ireland.

On the way back towards Limerick, we caught the first glimpse of sun for the day…an Irish sunset…photo taken from inside a moving tour bus…as were quite a few of the other photos from the day.

We stopped at Bunratty Castle for a Medieval Banquet. The gift shop was decorated with Christmas decor. A four course meal was served with unlimited wine followed by tea or coffee. This was an optional excursion on the tour. Most of our group attended, some however chose to go back to Limerick to enjoy the evening on their own.

We then arrived back at Clayton Hotel, Limerick, showered and tried to recap my day and hit the hay for an early morning. Suitcases had to be outside our room by 7 and headed out at 8 a.m. for a full day tomorrow.