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North Georgia Exploration

What do you do when you have a long weekend?  Well this long weekend, I rented a tiny house in Clayton Georgia and headed north to get a sneak peek of the fall colors.  I do think it was a little early for the full leaf changing, but when I get an extra day off…

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Father’s Day Dinner

So if you’ve learned anything yet about me…atleast according to my husband, I over do everything.  Cook for an army when we have 5…have to decorate over the top for a simple holiday…but that is just me.  Today was no different.  I posted about brunch but dinner was even better!  Fried gator tail (recipe was…

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Alligator tail

Yesterday when we went to M&T Meats we saw gator tail, so we figured what the heck let’s give it a try.  Every time we go to Tampa, we eat gator tail, but I have never made it myself. I figured I would give it a try with a simple flour, egg, flour dredge.  It…

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