From a worried mom

What have we done to them?  My four kids are a part of Gen Z.  So many of my friends, also have children in the same boat.  Our children have grown up with devices since a young age.  They expect results quickly and when they don’t get them, they become frustrated and may feel like [...]

Good For the Soul

I’ve always known crafts were good for my soul! Some crafts focus on repetitive actions and there are skills that can always be improved upon. Now let’s play devil’s advocate for a second...and talk out the thoughts you may be having.  But it is so expensive; it can be, but you can do a lot [...]

Focus – What is that?

Focus, what is that?  Lately, well honestly, for a long time, for as long as I can remember, I have had a hard time remaining focused.  I have thoughts that race around just wanting to do it all and see it all.  I love traveling, even if it is to a neighboring town, to try [...]