Sprewell Bluff Park

Today I headed out to check out Sprewell Bluff Park in Thomaston, Georgia. I stopped to take some photos at the lookout (located right across from the store and before the gate where you pay your parking fee). I went down to the Flint River for a while and just relaxed with my feet in…… Continue reading Sprewell Bluff Park

North Georgia Exploration

What do you do when you have a long weekend?  Well this long weekend, I rented a tiny house in Clayton Georgia and headed north to get a sneak peek of the fall colors.  I do think it was a little early for the full leaf changing, but when I get an extra day off…… Continue reading North Georgia Exploration

Want to get that fancy camera off AUTO?

I seriously obsess about photography; I still learn everyday. With photography, you can never stop learning or be closed minded to other’s ideas and inputs. I started taking photos on a Nikon SLR Film camera back when my kids were young (so about 20 years ago). To be completely honest, I don’t even know if I…… Continue reading Want to get that fancy camera off AUTO?