ICM Photography

I have been hearing about ICM in a few photography groups I am in and couldn't figure out what they meant...so I put my trust in google and looked it up.  ICM is Intentional Camera Movement.  I have tried this method before, but didn't realize it had a name.  ICM is when you intentionally move [...]

Destinee’s Senior Session

We have known Destinee and her family for years! She has played volleyball with both of the girls and my husband has coached her some too. She is really sweet and soft spoken. Her mama and daddy have a heart of gold too! So glad to take her senior photos today! These are just a [...]

Top 5 Photographer Apps & Software

My top 5 apps & software suites that I use and love the most. 1. Tailwind. As a blogger and photographer, I need to keep my audience engaged on Instagram and Pinterest...but who has the time to post at the best times for the most engagement? Not me. I work full time, have a few [...]

Steel Wool & Photography

Quick tutorial on steel wool light painting photography.

Atlanta Skyline

Who has wondered where to go to get the amazing Atlanta skyline photos?  I kept trying to find the infamous bridge, but kept going right under it and never was able to get back there when I was around. Yesterday, I had to pick up my daughter from the airport.  I took leave for the [...]