Weekend away in Blairsville, Georgia

I went to a photography workshop a few weekends ago, but the clouds covered the Milky Way, so this trip is attempt two at getting some shots of the Milky Way. My friend Jeanne and I headed towards Blairsville Friday at about noon. We took backroads so we could ride with the top down. First…… Continue reading Weekend away in Blairsville, Georgia

Wandering around Atlanta

Today was a wandering day…had to go to the airport this morning to drop off my son, so I figured since I had to take the day off, I might as well put it to good use! First I headed to Cartersville to see the abandoned airplane (G-159 Gulfstream). It is covered in graffiti inside…… Continue reading Wandering around Atlanta

A mini road trip around North Georgia

It’s been two weeks since I’ve done any decent exploring, so I have been chomping at the bit to get out.  We have had what seems like 2 weeks of rain and it has been almost impossible to do anything.  This weekend like many others is a volleyball weekend for us.  It also is my…… Continue reading A mini road trip around North Georgia