Lens Artists Photo Challenge #228 Diagonals

This week Patti challenges us to Diagonal Lines. Here is Patti’s Post.

When I think of leading lines, I don’t often think of them as diagonal lines, but they can be an effective way to lead the viewer to the subject of the photo. According to format.com, “When you want to provide a sense of change, motion, or direction, a diagonal line is a wonderful option. Most often, diagonal lines are visually followed from foreground to background, left to right, so in these cases your subject should be either at the start or end of your line to maximize impact. It should also be noted that, with diagonal lines, the direction the lines move can also affect visual effect.”

I searched my archives to see where I have used diagonal lines.

Taken in the Seville Cathedral in Spain. The diagonal lines leads the viewer to the beautiful detail in the center
Eiffel Tower at night.
Alcazar Palace in Seville, Spain. Did you know that part of Game of Thrones was filmed in the underground baths (Season 5, Episode 6). Other scenes were also filmed around the palace and gardens.
Piano in an abandoned church
Lizard on the walls in Old San Juan

This challenge proves to me, I need to start looking for diagonal lines more often. They really can provide impact in you photo!



14 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge #228 Diagonals

  1. pattimoed says:

    What a fantastic collection, Sarah. I loved them all! That little frog provides a great visual contrast and I love the story that the piano tells. Your images in Spain are terrific!

  2. Wind Kisses says:

    I don’t have a favorite this week. I love them all! The angle of the Eiffel Tower, the trivia at Alcazar, the And what a treasure to have found the old piano. But the lizard of the wall, on point…or I guess this week on diagonal.

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