Escape Rooms of 2021

In March of 2021 we were in Orlando for Spring Break and visited Escapology. We attempted to escape Murder Mansion; we escaped but due to excess clues, time penalty of 4 minutes, we officially didn’t escape in time. It was a lot of fun though. Going at 9:30 p.m. after a park day might not have been the best choice. Our room had quite a bit of reading and we didn’t have the energy to put in as much effort as we needed.

The first weekend of October we headed to Hilton Head Island, SC. First night we booked Fate of the Five at Escape Room Hilton Head. We saved everyone and escaped with almost 20 minutes to spare. The room was designed for 12 people and the four of us crushed it!

We had some much fun with The Fate of Five, we decided to try Conspiracy Theory. We escaped with over 15 minutes and we got stuck on one silly step, so we should have gotten out much quicker.

We didn’t get to do as many as previous years, but mostly because we have done so many we can’t find too many new idea escape rooms.

There are a few more I have my eyes on though!



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