My 3 favorite documentaries of 2019

3 Best Documentaries to watch in 2019

I am not a huge fan of television. Sometimes I turn it on to have background noise, but really could do without it most of the time. Β I recently came across some documentaries that I watched and loved.

1.Not Alone

Features a high school girl who lost her best friend to suicide. Β She is very upset and confused. Β She tries to press on with school, but when 5 others committed suicide that year, she set out to get to the bottom of it and how to make a difference. Β She wants to shine a light teens suffering from depression who feel entrapped in darkness. Β She interviews teens about their troubles, how they have been able to overcome and how to speak out for help and be able to have a healthy mind and life.


Minimalism intrigues me…I am one of those people who thinks things will bring happiness, when in the long run, they just cause more grief and issues. Β I could truly benefit by incorporating some of these concepts into my life. Β These two friends document their minimalistic lives and their tour promoting their book. Β This is definitely an eye opening, must see documentary.

3.Expedition Happiness

A couple from Germany set out to the US where they renovate a school bus and travel the Americas. Β They document their travel in which they share stories of some beautiful people, places and experiences. Β There are a lot of ups and downs with their trip. Β The end kind of threw me for a loop, but in the end they found what truly makes them happy!

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